Smart letters of credit using blockchain technology

FreshChain has developed a ‘proof of concept’ automated letter of credit on the blockchain for perishables exports. Without a letter of credit exporters are exposed to the risk of non-payment. But it takes a bank 3 to 5 days to issue a letter of credit – too slow for perishables!

Wholesalers need to finance their perishable imports so we are developing a syndicated trade finance platform on the blockchain. Holders of FreshChain’s crypto-currency (FCC) can finance letters of credit, spreading the risk and sharing in the lucrative trade finance returns.

Meet our team!

Our Team

Melissa Hepburn

Melissa Hepburn is a software developer and expert in blockchain technology. Melissa spent 7 years with Deutsche Bank developing a bespoke Equity Swap trading system.

Paul Taylor

Paul founded Bidsonline, a software development company specialising in auction software. Paul is also a director and co-founder of a global import/export perishables company.

Greg Leversha

Greg has over 40 years of experience in computing, networking & programming in industries as diverse as defence, automotive, transport and book selling & publishing.

Robert Joiner

Robert is a senior analyst programmer specialising in R&D and systems integration. Robert has worked in the IT industry for 25 years, he has a Bachelor of Science Information Technology degree.

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